Monday, May 29, 2006

Art, media, genocide:
A call for submissions

Is there a work of art and media -- a literary work, movie or TV show, song, photograph, monument, journalistic report, website -- that sparked your interest in genocide, or strongly influenced your engagement with the subject? You are cordially invited to contribute a short essay/tribute/testimonial for my forthcoming book project, Communicating Genocide: Destructive and Constructive Uses of Communication in Modern Mass Killing.

Among the questions you may wish to address: What intellectual and emotional response does the work evoke? What about it seems special or unique? Have you used it in your research, teaching, or activism, and if so, how? Has your attitude towards it changed as your understanding of genocide has deepened?

Contributions should be 250 words minimum; there is no maximum length. Please submit them on the understanding that they may be published in whole or in part, in book and/or other form. Anonymous or pseudonymous contributions are accepted. French and Spanish-language contributions are also welcome.

Please send all contributions to me at by September 30, 2006. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Adam Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Research Fellow
Genocide Studies Program
Yale University

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