Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Canada / Anti-Semitism

OPP Probe Anti-Semitic Website
By Stewart Bell
The National Post, May 4, 2010
"Police are working 'flat out' on an investigation into a website that says Jews should be killed in a genocide, the commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police said yesterday. ... The police commissioner made the comments in an interview after the Internet site, Filthy Jewish Terrorists, continued to post statements supporting the mass killing of Jews. The latest post says Jews should be 'rounded up and executed' following last weekend's failed bombing at New York's Times Square, which it claims was an attempt to 'frame innocent Muslims.' The National Post reported in March that the OPP was investigating Salman Hossain of Mississauga, Ont., over the website. Two months later, no charges have been laid, the site is still active and Canada's largest Jewish organization is growing impatient. 'It's got to stop,' Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, said after viewing the latest comments. 'Legal action is absolutely required now. We can't wait any longer.'
Mr. Hossain has described himself in his online postings as 'a regular Muslim supporting the jihad overseas' and a 'buddy/acquaintance' of the Toronto 18 terrorists who plotted attacks in Southern Ontario. The Bangladeshi-Canadian has also used the Internet to chronicle his dealings with police going back to 2007, when he began posting messages supporting terrorist attacks in Canada and the killing of Canadian troops. Despite the police investigation, posts of a violent nature have continued to appear on the site. A March 8 post reads, 'All Jews are treasonous, and the punishment includes death. Time to break out the rope and balance the scales of justice.' On Sunday, a new post said Jews should be executed and that, 'The Jewish security threat must be exterminated immediately.' The article was posted to the site using an email address bearing the name Arman Hossain. [...]"

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