Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spain / Criminal Tribunals

Who is Baltasar Garzón, and Why Should We Care?
By Kris Girardi
LA Examiner, May 12, 2010
"[...] International support of Judge Garzón has been overwhelming since the case against him began and numerous editorials in US and foreign newspapers resounding in their indignation at the Spanish Justice System and their belief in a political conspiracy to remove him from office. Fellow judges, writers, artists, university law professors, human rights organizations, genocide victims and their families and private citizens have signed countless open letters and formal protests, but to no avail. Even as of today, an invitation to serve as counselor to the International Criminal High Court in The Hague while on the seemingly inevitable judiciary 'probation' has been thwarted by Varela who appears to be in a huge hurry to initiate trial proceedings so that Garzón, who must obtain professional leave-of-absence permission during the pre-trial phase in order to work on the High Court, will be unsuccessful at bowing out gracefully for the time being.
Garzón will be tried and, in the opinion of many, along with him, every value and ideal that modern society has urged us to defend will also be picked apart, stepped upon and condemned. We should care. A lot. Despite an alleged love of the limelight that his detractors and enemies are perpetually inclined to accuse him of, the impact of his track record as magistrate can never go disputed and his ideals, and person, will be passionately revindicated by admirers all over the globe. [...]"

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