Monday, June 21, 2010

Bangladesh / Bangladeshi Genocide

Int'l Peace Confce Ends with Dhaka Declaration
The New Nation (Dhaka), June 22, 2010
"The one-day International Conference on Peace, Justice and Secular Humanism ended here on Sunday with Dhaka declaration acknowledging 1971 genocide by Pakistani troops as the worst since the Second World War. '... The genocide that was committed in Bangladesh during the War of Liberation, 1971, is the worst genocide to take place after the World War II, committed by the Pakistan Army and its local auxiliary forces killing 3 million people and raping more than 200,000 women within just nine months,' the first para of the nine-point Dhaka declaration read. The declaration, read out by former Nepalese speaker Daman Dhungana, urged the international community to recognize the 'Genocide' committed during the War of Liberation of Bangladesh, 1971 and 'affirm solidarity with the trial process taken by Bangladesh government strongly believing that such trial will discourage the culture of impunity.'
The declaration said since Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina proposed a regional task force to combat religious extremism and terrorism, 'the government of the countries affected by terrorism and religious extremism (therefore) be urged upon to extend their support for the proposed regional task force.' The declaration said the conference was deeply concerned about the alarming rise of religious extremism in South Asia as well as other parts of the world and religious extremism is a major threat to the world peace and detrimental to the democratic values and advancement. [...]"

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