Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rwanda / Genocide Denial

ICTR Calls for Immediate Release of Peter Erlinder from Rwandan Prison ...
San Francisco Bay View, June 15, 2010
"According to Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune writer Jeremy Herb in a story just posted to the newspaper's staff blog: 'The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), the United Nations court that has tried Rwanda's genocide crimes -- and where St. Paul attorney Peter Erlinder is head of the defense attorney association -- has called for Erlinder's immediate release. "The tribunal, in a two-page letter to Erlinder's Rwandan prosecutor and the Rwandan minister of foreign affairs, wrote that Erlinder should not be prosecuted because the case against the William Mitchell College of Law professor involves his work as a defense attorney in the tribunal, where his clients were Rwandans accused of genocide. The ICTR hereby notifies the Rwandan authorities that Prof. Erlinder enjoys immunity and requests therefore, his immediate release," the letter said.' [...]"

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