Friday, March 04, 2011


World and Press Watch as Africans Are Lynched in Libya
by Farouk Martins Aresa
By Francis Tawiah
Modern Ghana (undated: March 2, 2011?)
"The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching, the whole world is watching as innocent Africans are being lynched in Libya. The time to act is right now since nobody acted yesterday or day before. It started as a rumor, then it was reported on social network and now we know it is real. The world must act and act quickly. There are men, women and children dying in the hands of Libyan mobs simply because they look Africans and must therefore be mercenaries because they cannot place their hands on Gadhafi. Mercenaries come in different colors and nationalities and these Africans are ordinary workers like the Egyptian and Tunisians. We are demanding a special meeting of United Nation to discuss the elimination of Africans by lynching in Libya. If it was any other group, the world will be crying genocide. Not only are African families in danger, Libyan blacks will be lynched before they open their mouths and speak Arabic. Most people watching the atrocities on face book would have seen Arabian features on some of the people caught and tortured to death. The press published stories of Anti-Gadhafi forces cutting Africans into pieces and posting it on internet but it is yet to catch world outcry or outrage. There is no mention of it at the United Nations by African leaders and countries getting first hand reports are silent. These are not collateral damages of war, these are brutalities of war that must be addressed.
So many of the poor African countries have not been able to charter planes, like Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya to get some of their people out. The longer the Africans remain in Libya, the higher their chances of death from starvation or by the hands of mobs. ... The story is how many Africans south of Sahara are being lynched in Libya by both sides and how many are conscripted by Gadhafi and forced to defend themselves or die facing Gadhafi's opponents and defectors. It is a no win situation for these poor Africans that went to Libya for fortune or were working there when civil war broke out. Others in the same situation as Africans can easily change to either side. Indeed, Africans cannot leave their homes for fear of being mistaken for mercenaries and must starve to death inside. ... This lynching of Africans has only been witnessed on this scale in Libya, not in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia or Algeria. If they kill all the Africans south of Sahara in Libya, they will turn to their own Africans. Arabs have never seen themselves as Africans anyway and the rest of the world sees them as Middle East. The only time Arabs become Africans is when they want to be part of African Union as leaders or when they fight against another country or the rest of the world. Apart from Egypt, the history of Arabs in Africa has been nothing but disaster. [...]"
[n.b. Thanks to Hannibal Travis for bringing this source to my attention. I have no way of evaluating the scale of such vigilante killings of black Africans in Libya, or the accuracy of specific details of this account, but the matter clearly requires close and urgent attention.]

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    I am grateful that someone is highlighting what these so called libyan freedom fighters are up to. They use the term african mercenaries to excuse their horrid racist actions. As a black british person who has travelled widely in the arab world - |I was surprised by the attitudes that I came across in Libyan a few years ago... It doesn't surprise me that the thugs that the west are supporting are turning out to be a bunch of murdering racists using the 'revolution' as an opportunity to slaughter people they have long hated just for being in their country - doing domestic work, working in hotels, cleaning streets, working as street hawkers etc... Most have absolutely nothing to do with armed services.
    In fact as a result of arab-libyan tradition of enslaving black african's many libyans are in fact of black african decent - I fear for these libyans as well as they will also be at the mercy of these 'pro-freedom' libyan arab racists...

    Please do what you can to get the mainstream media in the US and Europe to start reporting this issue in a more high profile way - it is unlikely that the BBC will be interested as it doesn't tell the story they want in support of the airstrikes...

    Ngozi, UK


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