Saturday, May 01, 2010

Turkey / Israel / Armenian Genocide

Turkey Concerned over Genocide Resolution in Israel, April 30, 2010
"Turkey is concerned over a decision by the Israeli parliament on Wednesday to have one of its standing committees consider a draft resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide, the Turkish Today’s Zaman newspaper reported Friday citing a Foreign Ministry spokesman. The Knesset decided by 12 votes to 8, with one abstention, that one of its standing committees will discuss the resolution and determine whether it should be put to a full parliament vote. 'We ought to be sensitive and open to the sorrow of others as a nation with a history of experiencing genocide,' resolution lead sponsor, Haim Oron of the Opposition Meretz party said in a speech before the vote. Oron urged parliament to properly recognize the Armenian genocide, saying that 'justice needs to be implemented.' The Turkish Foreign Ministry reacted to these developments on Thursday, urging Israel not to allow the resolution to proceed beyond committee. 'We expect this attempt to bring no result,' Foreign Ministry spokesman Burak Ozugergin said at a weekly press conference in Ankara on Thursday. [...]"

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